The recently concluded National Agroforestry Strategy Development Workshop at Morendat Training and Conference Center in Naivasha, Nakuru County, saw the active participation of the Association of Women in Agriculture Kenya (AWAK). Led by our National Executive Chairlady, Dr Judy Matu, AWAK’s involvement underscored its commitment to shaping the future of agroforestry in the nation.

The workshop, convened to scrutinize the draft Agroforestry strategy, aimed to identify and address any gaps before finalization and subsequent implementation. Over the past 2+ years, AWAK has played a pivotal role as a core committee member of the National Agroforestry Strategy, co-leading the Gender Pillar alongside esteemed experts, both locally and internationally.

Working collaboratively, the committee meticulously crafted an inclusive document, traversing all necessary stages, including extensive public participation across the country. Notably, AWAK took the lead in hosting the public participation event in Mombasa County last year and actively supported the activity in Kilifi County.

One of the key outcomes of the workshop was the formation of a Technical Working Group (TWG) tasked with finalizing the strategy. Additionally, the development of Terms of Reference (TORs) will guide the TWG throughout the process until the eagerly awaited launch.

AWAK’s representation in this crucial national initiative aligns seamlessly with its core mandate of amplifying the voices of women in agriculture in decision-making and policy processes. The organization’s commitment and active involvement in the development of the Agroforestry strategy exemplify its dedication to fostering a sustainable and inclusive agricultural future for Kenya.

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