.Women, Economic,Empowerement,and,Care.


AWAK in partnership with Oxfam Kenya is implementing a 3-year Women Economic Empowerment and Care (WE-CARE) Project in Kitui County. The project is aimed at increasing women and girls time to participate in Economically Empowering Activities like Agribusiness, commercial farming, trade, value addition – food processing, business developments, policy processes, politics and personal social time and care through addressing the Unpaid Care and Domestic Work (UCDW).

The project focuses on 4Rs i.e., Recognizing, Redistributing, Reducing and Representing the Unpaid Care work that consumes all of the women’s time to engage in financial generating activities.

We believe that to achieve food security and women economic empowerment, we must free women from the Care Burden. We work very closely with various stakeholders among them the county government of Kitui, the religious leaders, the youth, men and women leaders among others to ensure that the project gets a wholistic approach for its success.