Food Security and Nutrition

AWAK is advancing food security and nutrition through innovative programs and solutions that address the challenges of sustainable agriculture, efficient resource utilization, and resilient food systems. This, in turn, has contributed to improved livelihoods, environmental conservation, and enhanced global food availability.

Understanding Food Security and Nutrition

At AWAK, we believe that Food security is a multifaceted concept that encompasses the availability, accessibility, utilization, and stability of nutritious food. Food Security is achieved when all individuals have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and preferences. For AWAK, food security is not only about producing enough food but also about ensuring that it is distributed equitably among individuals,households and communities.

Nutrition, on the other hand, refers to the consumption of a balanced diet that provides essential nutrients required for growth, development, and overall health. AWAK recognizes that food security and nutrition go hand in hand and that promoting a diverse and healthy diet is vital for overall well-being.

What is AWAK doing to address food security and nutrition?

As part of this effort, AWAK is scaling up comprehensive approaches towards strengthening food security, fighting hunger and improving nutrition by:

1. Empowering Women in Agriculture

Central to our vision for food security and nutrition is the empowerment of women in the agricultural sector. We firmly believe that by investing in women, we unlock the potential for transformative change. Through our programs and initiatives, such as Resillient Recovery for Vulnerable Women and Mothers living in Informal Urban and Rural areas Program (RRP),we advocate for gender equality, equal access to resources, and support for women farmers. By providing training, capacity building, and networking opportunities, we enable women to increase their productivity, enhance their agricultural skills, and contribute significantly to food production.

2. Training Sustainable Farming Practices

We recognize the vital role sustainable farming practices play in ensuring food security and nutrition. AWAK actively promotes and encourages environmentally friendly techniques such as agroforestry, organic farming, and conservation agriculture. Through our projects such as the Land Restoration Project, we have trained 150,000 women farmers how to:

  • safeguard soil fertility.
  • protect biodiversity.
  • mitigate climate change impacts.
  • use efficient irrigation systems.
  • perform crop rotation.
  • integrate pest management.

3. Strengthening Market Linkages

AWAK works tirelessly to bridge the gap between farmers and markets, connecting women in agriculture with fair and remunerative opportunities. Through projects such as MYCOOP Online and partnerships with local cooperatives, food processors, and retailers, we promote value addition, support market access, and foster entrepreneurship among women farmers. By ensuring advocating for fair pricing, reduced post-harvest losses, and improved storage and transportation infrastructure, we enable women to maximize their agricultural yields and contribute to a stable food supply.

4. Advocating for Policy Change

To create lasting impact, AWAK engages in policy advocacy at both regional and national levels. We collaborate with government bodies, civil society organizations, and international partners such as UNWOMEN, AGRA, FAO, ILRI, World Bank, OXFAM, CRODA Foundation and The Coca Cola Foundation to advocate for policies that prioritize food security, nutrition, and gender equality in agriculture. By influencing policy formulation and implementation, we strive to ensure that women’s rights, access to resources, and the needs of smallholder farmers are adequately addressed. Our association works tirelessly to elevate the voices of women in agriculture and empower them as key stakeholders in decision-making processes.


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