In a world where the impact of climate change looms large, the Association of Women in Agriculture Kenya (AWAK) has taken a significant stride towards fostering resilience and sustainability. Clean energy production, specifically through the creation of briquettes, emerges as a beacon of hope, eliminating harmful emissions and offering an affordable alternative amid soaring fuel costs.

Phase 1 of the Clean Energy Production project, spearheaded by AWAK, has already made remarkable strides in the impoverished communities of Kawangware and Korogocho slums. The initiative not only addressed the energy needs of households but also provided an avenue for economic empowerment through the production and sale of briquettes.

In a recent development, 18 dedicated individuals were identified as briquette champions, and they underwent an intensive Training of Trainers (TOTs) program. This comprehensive training equipped them with the necessary skills to lead the charge in Phase 2 of the project. The champions are now poised to impart their knowledge to new participants, ensuring the sustainable expansion of clean energy practices in the community.

The TOTs training, held with great enthusiasm, marked a pivotal moment in the project. Participants delved into the intricacies of briquette making, learning not only the technical aspects but also the broader implications for environmental conservation and economic empowerment. The hands-on experience provided by the training not only enhanced the skills of the champions but also fostered a sense of community and shared responsibility.

As the briquette champions prepare to embark on their mission, AWAK remains committed to creating a ripple effect of positive change. The Phase 2 initiative is set to kick off next week, heralding a new chapter in the journey towards clean energy, economic empowerment, and climate resilience.

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