Image 1: RRP Beneficiaries posing with the their locally fabricated baking oven.

In a triumphant event that marked a significant milestone in the lives of vulnerable mothers residing in urban informal settlements, the Association of Women in Agricultures Kenya (AWAK) held a remarkable graduation ceremony for the participants of the Resilient Recovery for Vulnerable Mothers Living in the Urban Informal Settlements Project. This joyous occasion recognized the first cohort of graduates from Ziwa La Ngombe, Mombasa County who showcased their determination to create positive change in their lives.

Through a partnership with the Krushan Foundation, AWAK launched the project a month ago, and the participants have been wholeheartedly engaged in transformative training sessions. These sessions empowered them with essential skills in urban farming, food processing (including baking), clean energy production using briquettes, business development, and mental health awareness.

The graduation ceremony, held today, not only honored the participants’ zeal and commitment but also served as a platform to equip them with the necessary tools to kickstart their newfound journey. AWAK provided each graduate with locally fabricated ovens and urban farming starter kits, including seedlings, a soil and manure mixture, and granny sacks. With these resources, the participants are well-equipped to embark on their path as informed and skilled advocates for food security, nutrition, and clean energy.

“We believe in the power of education and skills development to empower individuals and communities. The Resilient Recovery project is a testament to that belief,” stated a representative from AWAK. “Our graduates are now prepared to become food security and nutrition champions, clean energy experts, and profitable entrepreneurs. We are confident that their remarkable efforts will lead to the transformation of their lives and uplift their communities as well.”

The ceremony, filled with resounding applause, celebrated not only the achievements of the participants but also the collective effort of AWAK, the Krushan Foundation, and all the individuals who supported the Resilient Recovery project. It served as a reminder of the unwavering commitment of AWAK to empower and uplift vulnerable women in Kenya’s agricultural sector.

As the graduates step forward into their new chapter, armed with knowledge, skills, and determination, they are poised to make a lasting impact on their communities and beyond. The Association of Women in Agricultures Kenya (AWAK) looks forward to witnessing the transformative journey of these resilient women, who are bound to become trailblazers in the fields of agriculture, entrepreneurship, and sustainable living.

The graduation ceremony concluded with a collective call to action, urging stakeholders and community members to continue supporting initiatives that empower vulnerable women and promote sustainable development in Kenya. With such unwavering commitment and determination, the future holds great promise for the Resilient Recovery project and the remarkable women it supports.

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