Image: Representatives from AWAK, ILRI and ICRISAT discussing the ICCRA project at ILRI’s Nairobi Campus.

We were recently hosted by Dr. Renee Bullock, the Gender Lead – International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), at their Nairobi Campus, for a hybrid meeting to discuss a partnership between AWAK and a World Bank funded Project, ICCRA – Accelerating Impacts of CGIAR Climate Research for Africa.

During this groundbreaking meeting, representatives from two esteemed institutions, ILRI and ICRISAT, gathered to explore new avenues of collaboration that aim to revolutionize the agricultural landscape in Kenya. The project, ICCRA, focuses on making climate information services and climate-smart agriculture more accessible to millions of smallholder farmers across Africa.

In an era of unpredictable weather patterns and growing concerns over food security, AWAK’s partnership with ICCRA and its visionary allies holds immense potential for empowering women farmers. With better access to technology and advisory services, linked to information about effective response measures, farmers can now proactively anticipate climate-related events and take preventive action that safeguards their livelihoods and the environment.

As part of this partnership, AWAK, ILRI, and ICRISAT have outlined three key components to be implemented at the county level, with an additional joint effort connecting all the target counties. This comprehensive approach ensures that the benefits of climate-smart agriculture are realized across Kenya, leaving no farmer behind.

AWAK’s involvement in the proposal marks a significant milestone for women in agriculture. As an influential organization, dedicated to promoting gender equality and empowering women in the agricultural sector, AWAK’s participation in this transformative initiative will create opportunities for women farmers to thrive.

With activities scheduled to commence in the 2nd Quarter of this year, AWAK and its esteemed partners are set to lay the foundation for a more resilient and sustainable agricultural system in Kenya. By harnessing the power of innovation and knowledge sharing, this collaboration promises to uplift rural communities and drive economic growth.

The partnership between AWAK, ICCRA, ILRI, and ICRISAT stands as a testament to the commitment of all stakeholders involved in transforming the agricultural sector. Together, they are building bridges that connect rural communities to the knowledge, resources, and support they need to thrive in the face of climate change.

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