AWAK National Executive Chairlady Judy Matu(left), CEO Coca Cola Coastal Bottlers Kenya Seth Adu-Baah(center) and Bamburi Ward MCA Patrick Mbelle(Right) handing over cooler boxes and merchandise to RRP Beneficiaries. 6/5/2023

The Resilient Recovery project for mothers and women living in slums, implemented by AWAK and funded by The CocaCola Foundation, has been dedicated to equipping vulnerable mothers with essential skills to help them create sustainable livelihoods. Today, we proudly witness the tangible impact of our efforts as many women who underwent the training have taken the initiative to transform their lives through sheer determination and hard work.

As an organization, AWAK has been committed to going above and beyond to support these strong-willed women, connecting them with opportunities to elevate their businesses and achieve long-term success. The recent collaboration with Coastal Bottlers is a testament to the power of partnerships in driving positive change.

Coastal Bottlers, recognizing the potential of women and youth entrepreneurs, has initiated a program aimed at supporting start-ups. This program offers cooler boxes and Coca-Cola products to budding entrepreneurs to jump-start or enhance their businesses. We are thrilled to share that today, 50 women from our Mombasa RRP program and 20 youth have immensely benefited from this incredible initiative.

The joy and gratitude among the recipients were palpable as they received the support that will undoubtedly propel their businesses forward. AWAK is honored to be part of this remarkable journey and remains steadfast in our commitment to walk alongside our program participants.

Sustainability lies at the core of AWAK’s philosophy, and we continually strive to empower women with the resources and tools they need to achieve lasting success. By fostering strategic partnerships like the one with Coca Cola Coastal Bottlers, we believe we can strengthen their capacity and drive transformative change at various levels.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the management of Coastal Bottlers for their unwavering support and belief in the potential of these women. Their contribution in this endeavor has undoubtedly made a significant impact in the lives of our program participants.

Beneficiaries having a brief on how to use the cooler boxes to sell their merchandise.

We also extend special thanks to the Bamburi Ward MCA, Honorable Patrick Mbeele, who graced the event with his presence. His continuous support for his community has been instrumental in the progress and growth of these resilient women.

At AWAK, we firmly believe that investing in women means investing in the future. The determination, dedication, and growth displayed by the women we have trained inspire us to keep working diligently towards creating a brighter, more sustainable future for vulnerable mothers across Kenya.

As we celebrate the success of this partnership, we remain committed to empowering more women, transforming lives, and creating a thriving community of entrepreneurs who contribute to the prosperity of our beloved nation. Together, we can make a difference, one empowered woman at a time.

Beneficiaries taken on a tour of the Coca Cola Coasta Bottlers factory

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