In a proactive move to champion gender-responsive policies and regulations, the Association of Women in Agriculture Kenya (AWAK) successfully organized a two-day Public Participation Forum on the proposed Carbon Markets Regulations 2023. This event, held in Nairobi county to accommodate women farmers from all regions of Kenya, aimed to raise awareness and gather informed input from stakeholders.

Advocacy remains a key thematic area for AWAK, and we have consistently focused on building the capacity of small-scale holder farmers to actively engage with policy makers. The goal is to influence positive changes in policies that impact women in agriculture, both in rural and urban settings.

The event featured the expertise of Dr. Wekesa, a Carbon Credit/Markets specialist, who took the time to simplify the complex topic, ensuring that it resonated with farmers from various backgrounds. Additionally, the Public Participation Forum benefited from the presence of Rachael Kamau, a distinguished advocate of the High Court. Kamau provided a comprehensive review of the Climate Change (Amendment) Act of 2023, highlighting the crucial incorporation of carbon markets, addressing a significant gap in the Principal Act of 2016.

Tomorrow holds another pivotal moment as the participating women farmers, in collaboration with AWAK, will collectively draft a memorandum containing their recommendations. This document will be submitted to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Environment, solidifying the commitment of women in agriculture to actively shape and contribute to climate change regulations in Kenya. AWAK continues to lead the charge in amplifying the voices of women in agriculture and ensuring their active participation in shaping the future of environmental policies in the country.

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