On this International Day for Persons with Disabilities, AWAK reaffirms its dedication to the caregivers abled differently who play a crucial role in our society. The hurdles faced by persons with disabilities are numerous, but so is their resilience.

AWAK extends its gratitude to those who, despite facing unique challenges, continue to contribute significantly to social development. The Association recognizes the importance of both paid and unpaid care work and remains resolute in its efforts to ensure that these contributions are acknowledged, redistributed, reduced, and represented.

As the world commemorates IDPWD23, AWAK calls upon everyone to join the movement to #MakeCareCount. Together, we can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for caregivers abled differently, fostering a society where their efforts are truly valued.

#MakeCareCount #IDPWD23 #AWAKCares

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