AWAK Center – Mombasa County.

We had the honour of hosting the County Assembly Committe for Blue Economy, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries – Mombasa County Assembly; Led by their Chairman Hon. Mbelle in our offices earlier today. The team was on a familiarisation visit, to know more about AWAK and seek possible areas of collaboration.

As the legislative arm of Mombasa County Government, we had the opportunity to voice several issues that require their intervention so as to improve the lives of women in Agriculture in the county;

☑️Increase budgetary allocation for Agriculture department to support extension services and Continous farmer capacity building.

☑️Ensure that urban farmers are considered in the ongoing National Government digitization process for farmers. #UrbanFarmersAreFarmersToo.

☑️Ensure access to water for the urban farmers through Government supported water harvesting and conservation infrastructure.

☑️Collaborate with KEBs to ease the financial constraints for entry level Agribusinesses and start ups.

☑️Review the cost of permits, licences and other related costs at entry level for Agribusiness and micro agro processors.

☑️Engage the relevant County Government departments that address health and sanitation, infrastructure, to promote healthy and hygienic spaces for women food vendors (raw and cooked). This will go a long way in easing the public health ‘cat and mouse’ games.

☑️Care economy – Be a voice of reason to legislate, allocate, and oversight the implementation and management of child care centres in markets to support mama mbogas who are forced to trade with their children on their back every day till they join school.

We are confident that the team will take into consideration these issues and we will collaborate to improve the lives of women in Mombasa County.

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