Association of Women in Agriculture Kenya (AWAK) proudly participated in the Africa Women in Agricultural Research Development (AWARD) strategy 2023-2027 launch. This momentous occasion marked a pivotal step forward, building on AWARD’s 15 years of invaluable experience in strengthening Gender Responsive Development for Africa.

The driving force behind the AWARD strategy lies in addressing critical issues that have long plagued the agricultural sector, particularly in the realm of women’s representation in Agriculture Research for Development (AR4D) leadership. The strategic plan aims to combat the underrepresentation of women, rectify the lack of gender responsiveness in policies and practices within AR4D institutions, and tackle the inequitable Agrifood policies that hinder the progress of women in agriculture.

AWAK acknowledges that the challenges faced by women in the agricultural sector are multifaceted and deeply rooted. and we are poised to play a pivotal role in collaborating with AWARD to champion gender-responsive agricultural research and development. Through this collaboration, AWAK envisions contributing significantly to the creation of equitable and just food systems.

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