In the heart of Nairobi County’s Korogocho slum, the Resilient Recovery Project (RRP) is making a significant impact on the lives of vulnerable mothers in the urban informal settlement. After a series of comprehensive training sessions encompassing Urban farming techniques, Food Processing – Baking, and Briquettes production skills, a pivotal moment unfolded as 60 beneficiaries gathered to acquire Business Development Skills.

The training aimed to equip these resilient women with the knowledge and skills necessary to initiate and grow profitable Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), fostering economic growth within their communities. The dedication and hard work displayed by these women throughout the training sessions did not go unnoticed, and their mental well-being was recognized as a crucial aspect of their transformative journey.

A special session on mental health awareness was conducted, acknowledging the burdens these women carry as they strive to improve their livelihoods. The understanding that mental health is paramount to their success was emphasized, reflecting the holistic approach of the program.

To celebrate the participants’ unwavering resilience and dedication, certificates of participation were awarded. Additionally, each beneficiary received Urban farming kits comprising a soil/manure mixture, gunny bags, and vegetable seedlings to kickstart their journey towards sustainable agriculture. The provision of a packet of Unga to accompany their first harvest of purely organic vegetables in the coming weeks served as a symbolic gesture of support and encouragement.

The Korogocho Mothers are now armed with not only new skills but also a sense of empowerment and community. As they embark on this resilient journey, the impact of the RRP is evident in the transformation of their lives and the potential for positive economic growth within the urban settlement.

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