Korogocho United players being taken through a training session

While the nation was captivated by the events unfolding at Kasarani, the Association of Women in Agricultures Kenya (AWAK) Nairobi team was on a mission of empowerment in the heart of Korogocho slums.

The training sessions given by AWAK featured the remarkable Korogocho United, a women’s football team comprised of reformed young mothers who turned to sports as a means to distance themselves from social vices. Today, they took a step further by participating in food production, climate action, and economic empowerment trainings.

The day began with an engaging session on basic baking techniques. Each member of the Korogocho United team was immersed in the world of baking, learning invaluable skills that can empower them to start their own small businesses. With passion and enthusiasm, they absorbed every lesson, aware of the doors that would open once they mastered these essential techniques.

But our mission didn’t stop there. We also introduced the team to basic urban farming techniques, recognizing the importance of sustainable food production and environmental consciousness. Each member received an urban farming starter kit, a powerful tool to kick-start their journey towards self-sufficiency and economic growth. We believe they will soon transform their lives and become beacons of inspiration within their community.

As AWAK, we are humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to contribute positively to the lives of these remarkable women. Our work in Korogocho slums is made possible through the generous support of the Croda Foundation, whose funding has allowed us to reach and empower vulnerable communities across Kenya. We recognize that true change requires collaboration and collective effort, and we extend our deepest gratitude to all those who have made this project a reality.

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