First Ladies Special Event – Increasing Access to Healthy Diets in AU Year of Nutrition

Kigali, Rwanda

In the heart of the vibrant African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) Summit 2022, the Association of Women in Agriculture Kenya (AWAK) stood tall, exemplifying the pivotal role of women in nourishing the world. From September 6th to 9th, this distinguished event illuminated the global agricultural landscape, and AWAK was not only present but played a significant role in the discussions and initiatives.

Day 1: Advancing Food Systems Action in the Face of Crisis

The inaugural day saw AWAK at the forefront of discussions, envisioning a future where the wellbeing of people, planet, and prosperity are elevated, even in times of adversity. High-level stakeholders, ranging from African governments to private sector leaders, converged with AWAK, highlighting the collective dedication to agricultural advancement.

Day 2: First Ladies Special Event – Increasing Access to Healthy Diets in AU Year of Nutrition

AWAK’s involvement in this special event was more than an honor; it was a recognition of the immense contributions of women agripreneurs across the continent. The pinnacle of the evening was the Women Agripreneurs of the Year Award (WAYA) ceremony, graced by Her Excellency Jeannete Kagame, the First Lady of Rwanda. AWAK’s emblem stood proudly, emblematic of the tireless dedication to agriculture’s transformative power.

Day 3: Women In Agriculture High Tea Event

At the Lemigo Hotel, AWAK partnered with AGRA for the #Value4Her Networking event, a platform to celebrate the WAYA award winners of 2022 and acknowledge the women agripreneurs shaping Africa’s agricultural landscape. The resonating words of AWAK’s Chair Lady, Madam Judy Matu, “Who feeds the world? WOMEN,” echoed through the event, underscoring the critical role of women in global food security.

In a parallel session, AWAK delved into discussions on financing in Ag SMEs during the CEOs round-table session. Conversations revolved around enhancing the capacities of both SMEs and financial institutions, a crucial step towards closing the financial inclusion gap.

The apex of day 3 was the #Value4Her AGRA Discussion within the #AGRF Summit 2022. AWAK’s Chair Lady graced the panel, capturing the attention of Global Shapers and Development Partners alike, leaving an indelible mark on the discourse.

AWAK’s voice reverberated through the summit, and the bold actions ignited promise for a brighter agricultural future. Kigali, thank you for hosting us – until we meet again.

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