In a remarkable display of dedication, despite the relentless downpour, our team, alongside Trainers of Trainers (TOTs), ventured into the heart of Mathare’s Mashimoni ward for the Resilient Recovery Project (RRP). This initiative, focused on empowering vulnerable mothers and fathers in urban informal settlements, unfolded with unwavering enthusiasm and commitment.

Against the backdrop of heavy rains, the team engaged the community in a transformative training session, delving into urban farming techniques, baking, and the creation of clean energy through briquette-making. The hands-on approach aimed to build the capacity of both mothers and fathers, providing them with valuable skills to enhance their livelihoods.

The resilience exhibited by the participants during the training was commendable. Despite the challenging weather conditions, their active involvement demonstrated a shared determination to improve their circumstances. The team’s dedication to empowering the community remained unwavering, fostering a collaborative spirit throughout the session.

As a result of this initiative, the participants are now on the brink of serving the first harvest of fresh, pure organic vegetables on their plates. The recent rains, often considered a hindrance, have become a boon for the community’s budding urban farming endeavors.

The success of the Resilient Recovery Project in Mathare’s Mashimoni ward underscores the transformative impact of community empowerment. Through practical training and a resilient spirit, vulnerable mothers and fathers are not merely recipients of assistance but active contributors to their own betterment. This project stands as a testament to the possibilities that unfold when communities are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in challenging environments.

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