Shanzu, Mombasa County

In a momentous event held yesterday, the Association of Women in Agriculture Kenya marked the achievement of the Graduation of the 1st cohort of participants in Phase 3 of the Resilient Recovery Project (RRP) funded by the Croda Foundation. The project, dedicated to fostering a holistic approach to personal development for vulnerable mothers and fathers in urban informal settlements, has proven to be a beacon of hope.

The RRP Project, tailored to address the diverse needs of those residing in urban slums, focuses on imparting skills crucial for personal and community development. Urban farming, designed to promote food security and nutrition, stands as a cornerstone. Participants also engaged in baking for value addition and income generation, along with the production of briquettes as an alternative form of clean and affordable energy.

Complementing these skills, the program prioritizes Business Development Skills and Mental Wellness sessions. This dual approach aims to enhance participants’ capacity to initiate and expand profitable agribusiness enterprises utilizing the skills acquired.

To kickstart their journey, the program provides support in the form of urban farming – Kitchen garden starter kits. These kits consist of a mixture of quality soil and manure, top-notch seedlings, and gunny bags. With these resources, participants are empowered to cultivate purely organic vegetables in surplus, both for personal consumption and for sale within their neighborhoods.

The celebration resonated with pride and congratulations as the participants successfully completed all the training provided in the project. The Association of Women in Agriculture Kenya congratulates them and wishes them the very best in their future endeavors.

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