Amplifying the voice of farmers regarding food security in Kenya, we made our submission to The National Treasury on Gender Responsive Budgeting #GRB; Increasing Domestic financing for agriculture with a focus on small scale women, young farmers and climate resilience in Kenya.
Pursuant to Article 201 (a) of the Constitution which requires, openness, accountability and public participation in financial matters. The Association of Women in Agriculture, (AWAK) held a 3-days workshop with women leaders from grass roots organizations, to evaluate the budget performance and allocation trends at the National Level, and gender sensitivity of government policies. The workshop was held at Sagana Getaway Resort, Murang’a and brought together 35 participants from 9 counties.
This document reflects the observations made on the National Level budget allocation trends in agriculture, prioritization and performance on revenue and expenditure, with the intent to improve quality of the budget policy statements and enhance citizen involvement in budget decisions going into 2019/20.
Read our recommendations in the document below:

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