Image: AWAK Representative, Mrs Eunice Kingoo, making a presentation at the Intergovernmental Consultative Framework for Gender Sector Working Group Stakeholders meeting.

In a remarkable display of dedication and influence, the Association of Women in Agriculture Kenya (AWAK) took center stage at the Intergovernmental Consultative Framework for Gender Sector, Kitui County – Gender Sector Working Group Stakeholders Meeting. Mrs. Eunice King’oo, a representative of AWAK, highlighted the organization’s involvement in various thematic teams and shared insights into AWAK’s impactful programs.

Under AWAK’s esteemed representation, the meeting saw participation from committees focusing on crucial areas such as gender-based violence (GBV), peace and security, women in leadership, women socio-economic empowerment, and male engagement and inclusion. These thematic teams are actively working towards creating an inclusive society that champions gender equality and uplifts the status of women in Kitui County.

During the gathering, Mrs. Eunice King’oo seized the opportunity to shed light on AWAK’s exceptional initiatives in Kitui. One such program is the groundbreaking Unpaid Care and Domestic Work (We-Care) project, which aims to recognize and address the often overlooked contribution of women in these roles. By bringing attention to the challenges faced by women in fulfilling these responsibilities, AWAK endeavors to create a more balanced and equitable society.

Additionally, AWAK’s land restoration program garnered significant attention. With the environment facing various threats, this program seeks to restore degraded lands and promote sustainable agricultural practices. By rehabilitating the land, AWAK envisions a future where communities can thrive while preserving their natural resources for generations to come.

AWAK’s involvement in the Kitui County meeting exemplifies their unwavering commitment to collaborating with like-minded organizations. By forging alliances and partnerships, AWAK strives to amplify its impact and fulfill its mandate on a larger scale. Together with other stakeholders, AWAK envisions a future where women’s rights are protected, gender-based violence is eradicated, leadership opportunities are accessible, and socio-economic empowerment becomes a reality for all women in Kitui County.

As AWAK continues to drive positive change, their resolute efforts serve as an inspiration to communities across Kenya. With their relentless pursuit of gender equality and sustainable development, AWAK sets the stage for a brighter and more inclusive future.

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