In an endeavor to bring about positive change and uplift vulnerable households in Kenya, the Association of Women in Agriculture Kenya, in collaboration with the Croda Foundation, is thrilled to announce the official launch of Phase 3 of the Resilient Recovery for Vulnerable Mothers living in the Urban Informal Settlements Project (RRP)

This ambitious project encompasses a multifaceted approach aimed at addressing key aspects of livelihood improvement, including Food Security and Nutrition, Clean Energy production, Economic Empowerment and Advocacy. One distinguishing feature of this phase is the inclusion of 20% Vulnerable Fathers as beneficiaries, recognizing their vital role in household well-being.

Participants eagerly engaged in a comprehensive program covering essential urban farming techniques, Clean Energy production through Briquettes making, basic food processing including baking skills, and crucial mental health awareness and business development training sessions. Under the guidance of Trainers of Trainers (TOTs), who were themselves beneficiaries of the preceding phase, vulnerable mothers and fathers from Shanzu slums in Mombasa County actively participated in both theoretical and practical lessons.

The training program culminated in the acquisition of vital Business Development Skills, equipping the beneficiaries with the knowledge to translate their newfound expertise into profitable agribusiness SMEs. Lessons included identifying business opportunities, capital sourcing, efficient capital utilization, sound business management practices, marketing strategies, record keeping, and strategies for business expansion.

Recognizing the importance of mental health, the program placed a strong emphasis on Mental Health Awareness. Understanding the challenges faced by our beneficiaries, we believe that investing in their mental well-being will enable them to effectively manage their day-to-day activities and elevate their overall quality of life.

To kick start their entrepreneurial journey, the program provided participants with urban farming – Kitchen garden starter kits, containing a mixture of high-quality soil and manure, premium seedlings, and sturdy gunny bags. This support empowers them to cultivate purely organic vegetables in abundance, not only for their own consumption but also for sale within their communities.

The Association of Women in Agriculture Kenya is enthusiastic about the positive impact this partnership with the Croda Foundation will have in transforming urban households. Through initiatives like these, we are not only building resilience but also fostering a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.

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