In a significant stride towards fostering sustainable agriculture, the Association of Women in Agriculture Kenya (AWAK) actively participated in the World Food Forum 2023 held in Rome, Italy. The event’s overarching theme, “Agrifood systems transformation accelerates climate action,” aligning seamlessly with AWAK’s core mission.

The emphasis on Youth Action during the forum resonated deeply with AWAK’s mission, and the organization proudly facilitated the engagement of young voices in Agritech. These passionate individuals brought forward discussions on the crucial role of technology and innovation in shaping the future of agriculture..

The AWAK team had the honor of meeting with the Principal Secretary for Agriculture, Hon. Jonathan Mueke, who represented the President at the forum. This interaction served as a platform to discuss AWAK’s initiatives and underscore the crucial role of women in agriculture, receiving positive acknowledgment and support.

Participation in the World Food Forum 2023 underscores our dedication to driving positive change in agrifood systems. The organization remains committed to advocating for sustainable practices, empowering women, and fostering the next generation of leaders in agriculture.

Principal Secretary for Agriculture, Hon. Jonathan Mueke poses for a picture with AWAK Representatives at the World Food Forum 2023, Rome Italy

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