In a remarkable collaboration, the Association of Women in Agriculture Kenya (AWAK) joined forces with the Kitui County Government and other key partners to commemorate the International Day of Rural Women 2023 in the heart of Kitui Rural sub-county.

AWAK took this opportunity to express its deep appreciation for the unwavering dedication of rural women in ensuring food security for their communities. The organization recognized and celebrated the invaluable contributions of these women, acknowledging them as the backbone of sustainable agriculture.

To mark the occasion, AWAK demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship by donating a total of 300 tree seedlings. These seedlings serve as a symbol of the organization’s recognition of the rural women as climate change champions. The seedlings are set to be distributed among the women, empowering them to actively participate in environmental conservation efforts within their communities.

AWAK reiterated its ongoing commitment to the empowerment of rural women farmers. The organization pledged to continue building their capacity through comprehensive training programs focusing on the best agricultural practices. Additionally, AWAK emphasized its dedication to educating these women on climate action and justice, women’s economic empowerment, and advocacy.

As the International Day of Rural Women 2023 unfolded, AWAK’s initiatives in Kitui County stood as a testament to the organization’s mission to create a more sustainable and equitable future for rural women in agriculture. The hashtag #idrw23 and #womenempowerment echoed the sentiments of this celebration, resonating across social media platforms and bringing attention to the crucial role played by rural women in shaping the agricultural landscape.

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