WAYA 2023 WInners and Judges pose for a photo at VALUE4HER AGRF 2023 Event

In a momentous event at the AGRF Summit 2023 held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, the Association of Women in Agriculture Kenya (AWAK) reached new heights of celebration and recognition. Ms. Judy Matu, the National Executive Chairlady of AWAK, had the distinct honor of announcing the winner for the value addition category of the prestigious #Value4Her Women Agriprenuers of the Year Award (WAYA).

WAYA, a distinguished recognition initiative spearheaded by AGRA and launched in 2021 as part of AGRA’s flagship Value4Her program, is dedicated to uplifting women Agriprenuers across the African continent. It is a platform that spotlights their remarkable contributions to the agricultural sector.

Ms. Matu, a seasoned WAYA judge for the second time, expressed her gratitude at being able to witness firsthand the incredible ideas and innovations presented by the finalists during the application process. Her enthusiasm was palpable as she announced the deserving winner during the awarding ceremony.

AWAK, a dedicated partner of WAYA, stands as a beacon of support for women in agriculture. Their commitment to the cause is unwavering, and this partnership is a testament to our relentless pursuit of empowering women in the agricultural sector.

The Association of Women in Agriculture Kenya (AWAK) extends heartfelt congratulations to all the remarkable women who participated in this year’s WAYA awards. Each participant has demonstrated exceptional dedication and ingenuity, reaffirming the pivotal role that women play in the agricultural landscape.

This momentous occasion at the AGRF Summit 2023 serves as a powerful reminder of the strides being made by AWAK and its partners in advancing the position of women in agriculture. The impact of their collective efforts reverberates not only in Kenya but across the entire African continent.

As AWAK continues its tireless work, it is evident that the future of agriculture in Kenya and beyond is in capable and empowered hands. The legacy of these women Agriprenuers will undoubtedly inspire generations to come, leaving an indelible mark on the agricultural landscape.

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